Mouth Guard for Braces

Mouth Guard for Braces Orthodontists recommend the Denta-Gard® Kid’s Comfort PRO™,  the mouth guard for braces. Its unique soft yet strong materials make this mouth guard the most comfortable on the market today.  Originally designed by an Orthodontist for patients with braces and can be worn without braces. The Kid’s Comfort PRO™ mouth guard meets

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Wrestling Mouth Guard

Wrestling Mouth Guard If you are a wrestler and wear braces you need a Denta-Gard® Kid’s Comfort PRO™.  The NFHS rule mandates mouth guards used in wrestling must be designed to cover both upper and lower orthodontic appliances (braces). Often worn as a wrestling mouth guard, the Kid’s Comfort PRO™ meets necessary requirements. The Denta-Gard®

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Latex Free Mouth Guard

Latex Free Mouth Guard DentaGard, LLC is sensitive to our customer’s needs.  Through the years studies have shown an increasing number of people have latex allergies.  This points to the extreme importance of having mouth guards that are latex free. The Denta-Gard® Kid’s Comfort PRO™ has always been free from latex or BPA. The Denta-Gard®

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