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Kid’s Comfort Pro Mouthguard

Providing sports stars with extreme impact protection, easy fit, premium quality mouth guards. Our mouthguard products are soft and comfortable yet tough, one size fits all, ready to wear, so no molding, no boiling. It covers both top AND bottom teeth for double protection.

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Rated 5-Stars by Parents and Orthodontists

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  • Why Denta-Gard®?
  • FAQ
  • One size fits both children and adults
  • Ready to wear, No boiling or impressions needed
  • Freedom to speak & breathe easily
  • Folds to protect both top and bottom teeth
  • Fits over braces for full mouth protection
  • Latex & BPA free, surgical grade FDA approved materials
  • Easy-Fit flex & stretch with Soft-Flex Comfort™
  • Meets NCAA & NFHS safety standards
  • 100% manufactured, packaged and shipped in the USA
  • $7,500 dental warranty
Why Denta-Gard®?

The Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort Pro™ mouth protector is designed not only to protect both upper and lower teeth, but also soft tissue.   Its' natural spring hinge opens and closes with the wearer’s mouth keeping teeth and gums protected while providing natural open mouth breathing and speech.

Athletes are inclined to wear Kid's Comfort Pro™ because they prefer a mouth protector that is soft, pliable and comfortable.  Orthodontists appreciate the Kid's Comfort Pro™ excellent protection level. They also like the fact that it does not affect teeth position during treatment. Active orthodontic patients have found that the Kid's Comfort Pro™ fits comfortably over virtually all appliances. Kid's Comfort Pro™ complies with The National Federation of High School (NFHS) and The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) mouth guard guidelines.

Kid's Comfort Pro™ is ready to wear. It requires no boiling, forming, or impressions to fit comfortably. One size fits a child and an adult. Simply fold it over and place it in the mouth. The technology behind Kid's Comfort Pro™ allows for it to self-adjust to each individual mouth.

Many coaches and trainers have described a common practice of athletes chewing away the ends of their standard hard plastic mouth protectors.   This bad habit yields the mouth protector ineffective, but when inserted in the mouth it is difficult for a coach to see that the protection needed is sadly missing, including any impact softening benefit.

By contrast, Kid's Comfort Pro™ does not lend itself to wearer destruction.  Because it is tough, yet soft and durable, athletes do not chew it away.  Since Kid's Comfort Pro™ is soft and comfortable there is no tendency to take it out of their mouths to chew it.

Because of it's design and carefully selected materials, Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort Pro™ encourages wear, which not only offers the wearer more consistent protection, but also better, more complete protection from injury.


Why are mouth guards important?

They protect teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue from trauma.

When should I wear a mouth guard?

Whenever you are engaged in an activity where there is risk of falls or of head contact with other players or equipment.

Can I wear a Denta-Gard® with braces?

Yes. Denta-Gard® was designed by an Orthodontist to fit comfortably over orthodontic appliances.

There are many different types of mouth guards. Which is best for me?

We feel the best mouth guard is one that protects both upper and lower teeth and is comfortable to wear.

Do I need to boil the Denta-Gard® to fit it to my mouth?

No. There is no need to boil or mold. Its' durable, yet soft material will fit comfortably and securely in your mouth.

Can I wear Denta-Gard® at night when I sleep?

Yes. Most people scissor it in half and wear over their lower teeth. To avoid the possibility of choking, attach the strap to a button on your pajamas. Consult your dentist before using a Denta-Gard® as a night guard.

Kid’s Comfort Pro™ mouthguards from Denta-Gard® are time-tested sports mouthguards. As technology and materials have advanced, that science has been designed into the Kid’s Comfort Pro mouthguards to make it the #1 recommended mouthguard by family dentists, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists.

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