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NFHS Wrestling Requirement

NFHS Wrestling Requirement

NFHS Wrestling Requirement

Designed to protect those participating in high school sports, the National Federation of High schools (NFHS) has established the NFHS wrestling requirements. One of the many rules requires a high school wrestler with braces or a special orthodontic device to wear a tooth and mouth guard to cover the device(s).

The rule requires a tooth and mouth guard for both the upper and lower teeth if braces are present on both. The Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort PRO™ mouthguard meets the NFHS Wrestling Requirements by uniquely covering both the upper and lower teeth.  In addition, it does not counteract an orthodontist's precisely planned movement.

Athletes prefer the Kid's Comfort PRO™ mouthguard due to its superior protection levels.  Its natural spring hinge allows open-mouth breathing and understandable speech.  Additionally, the Kid's Comfort PRO™ mouth guard does not need to be boiled or custom fitted.  Soft and pliable, yet strong and tough.  Comfortable to wear.  Athletes tend to wear it more consistently than other mouth guards.

The Kid's Comfort PRO™ is made in the USA.  It is manufactured with latex and BPA-free FDA-approved materials.

The helmet strap is typically scissored off for wrestling. An ordinary pair of scissors can do this cleanly and easily. View our video for guidance.  You can wear them with or without braces.

You should wear a mouth guard in order to meet the NFHS Wrestling Requirement if you wear braces and are involved in high school wrestling.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort PRO™.

Kid’s Comfort Pro™ mouthguards from Denta-Gard® are time-tested sports mouthguards. As technology and materials have advanced, that science has been designed into the Kid’s Comfort Pro mouthguards to make it the #1 recommended mouthguard by family dentists, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists.

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