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Herbst Appliance Mouth Guard

Herbst Appliance Mouth Guard

It is difficult to find a herbst appliance mouth guard. Above all, the Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort PRO™ is the most adaptable guard available.

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Adaptable to Forsus and Herbst appliances

See our video below on how to make the adjustments for it to fit a Herbst Appliance properly. 

The Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort PRO™  has these outstanding features:

  • Worn over dental braces -  Does not counteract an orthodontist's technically and precisely planned movement. Therefore, preserving corrections and adjustments your orthodontist has scheduled.
  • Forsus and Herbst adaptable - See our VIDEO on how to make the adjustments for Denta-Gard to fit a Herbst appliance or Forsus appliance properly.
  • Concussion reduction - There are no clinical trials to support the statement that mouth guards will protect against concussions. Ultimately, one theory is that a mouth guard should dissipate and/or absorb the force of an upward blow to the jaw. It should be approximately 4mm in thickness on the occlusal surface. The Kid's Comfort PRO™ has these properties. In addition, cushioning between upper and lower teeth can be effective at reducing the incidence or severity of concussions.
  • Protects both upper and lower teeth - Why wear a mouth guard that only protects half of your teeth? The unique design protects both upper and lower teeth at the same time.
  • Allows open mouth breathing - As a result of the natural spring hinge on the Kid's Comfort PRO™ allows open mouth breathing and understandable speech.
  • Comfortable to wear - Soft and pliable, yet strong and tough. Comfortable to wear. Athletes tend to wear it more consistently than other roller derby mouth guards.
  • Virtually indestructible -Athletes tend to chew down the ends of hard plastic mouth guards.  As a result, coaches and trainers are unable to determine if the guard is offering protection. Virtually impossible to chew through. Because of its comfort, most are not tempted to remove it intermittently and therefore do not even try to chew it.
  • Latex and BPA free
  • Made in the USA - With FDA-approved materials.

Designed by an Orthodontist it will fit comfortably over dental braces. It can be worn with or without braces. Does not require boiling or molding.

We invite you to browse our website to learn about using the Denta-Gard® Kid's Comfort PRO™ Mouthguards.

How to make adjustments for a Herbst appliance

Kid’s Comfort Pro™ mouthguards from Denta-Gard® are time-tested sports mouthguards. As technology and materials have advanced, that science has been designed into the Kid’s Comfort Pro mouthguards to make it the #1 recommended mouthguard by family dentists, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists.

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